Before the classes

Okay where should I begin? I started the day with a breakfast with the football team which was really cool. So we drove to one of the team members house where some parents prepared it for us. We had pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fruits. Then we drive to school. (I was driven of course). Then I approached the school my name was written on the ground in front of the main entrance with my football number. Also every football player had a sign that looked a football jersey with his name and his number attach to his locker. It was Friday, so game day, so the football team wore their jerseys.

My locker

My classes

So at first I took my schedule and got a guided tour through the important parts of the school. Then I had PE, so sport in my first hour. In the second hour I had Chemistry. Wow that room is modern… In Germany you are glad when you have one working monitor per class, but in this room is one monitor for 7 students per table each. The teacher gave us the curriculum for this year and I noticed that I knew almost everything from my previous years. Hmm, we will see if I was right. In the third hour I had study hall so I simply sat down with some people and talked to them because we had nothing to do. Then the juniors where called to the library to get their laptops. Yes you heard right. Every student received it's own Chromebook. In a community school without any extra fees. In Germany you can be glad when the regular computers work. So many of the classes have online content. By now I had almost no problems with finding the room but, now I really struggled finding my math class. With some help I found it, this room had a smartboard so the class is way different from the German math classes. My next class is American government. We started with the us citizenship test. Well, I think for a foreign exchange student this test is an ideal way to check ones progress during the year. Of course because I have a political scholarship that class is perfect for me to learn more about the US system. Then we went to lunch and I sat with some guys from the football team. After lunch we continued the government class. And then we had DEN time. It is just like another study hall to prepare ones stuff and to do homework, so again I met new people. My sixth class was Tech. It is about crafting and machines, that sounded very interesting. The teacher said maybe we will do some welding in the end of the year. Then I had World history. We had not done that much by now, but I am interested how the history taught here differs from the one taught in German schools. My last class is English. The teacher is quite tough, but my last English teacher was very tough as well so I am used to it. I see it just as a challenging opportunity to improve my English a lot.


So those are my classes. What else happened that day? Well, we had a football game that night. I heard a ton of new names on that day. Because that school is so small and I am on the football team way more people came to me than to the other exchange student. So I had so many new people and new impressions that I forgot many things instantly and I was glad when I found a room by myself. All in all I had no really bad experiences on my first school day.